2000-2010 Diary Archive

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11th January 2010

Plough Monday teaching in schools

11th January 2010

Eaton Socon Plough Monday

16th January 2010

Whittlesea Straw Bear

17th January 2010

Ouse Washes Molly Day of Dance

13th February 2010

Oxfolk ceilidh spot

5th-7th March 2010

IVFDF in Durham

27th March 2010

Emma P’s birthday ceilidh

17th-18th April 2010

Freaks in the Fens

1st May 2010

Raising Sun on Castle Mound

1st May 2010

May Day in Wandlebury and Cambridge with Pig Dyke

8th May 2010

EACH Gala Day in Milton

18th May 2010

Three Horseshoes, Barrow with Green Dragon

22nd May 2010

Guilden Morden Garden Market

12th June 2010

St Neots Folk Festival

9-11th July 2010

Ely Folk Festival

22nd July 2010

Cromwell Scouts

21st-27th August 2010

Whitby Folk Festival

4-5th September 2010

5000 Morris Dancers at the South Bank Centre

7th November 2010

Workshop for Young Miscellany

27th November 2010

Owen’s 30th Birthday of Dance

4th December 2010

Mill Road Winter Fair


2nd January 2009

Hitchin New Year’s Eve Ceilidh display spot

10th January 2009

Whittlesea Straw Bear

12th January 2009

Plough Monday teaching in schools

17th January 2009

Round Ceilidh display spot

18th January 2009

Pampisford Plough Sunday

24th January 2009

Ouse Washes Day of Dance

27th Feb – 1st March 2009

IVFDF in Exeter

28th March 2009

Thriplow Daffodil festival

18th April 2009

Cambs Association for Local History Conference

1st May 2009

May Morning on Castle Hill and in Chesterton

16th May 2009

Celebrating Difference, St Neots

6th June 2009

St Neots Folk Festival

29th June 2009

St Albans Folk at the Festival

11th July 2009

Ely Folk Festival

18th July 2009

Windsor Morris Day of Dance

21st July 2009

Dance out at the Cambridge Blue

11th August 2009

Dance out at The Chequers, Pampisford

4th-6th September 2009

Wallingford Bunkfest

25th-27th September 2009

Molly Jolly to Jacob’s windmill

9th-11th October 2009

Practice Weekend

10th October 2009

Burwash Apple Day

17th October 2009

Display spot in Round Ceilidh

28th October 2009

Wetherspoon’s Real Ale Festival

21st-22nd November 2009

Open Morris AGM, Bristol

5th December 2009

Mill Road Winter Fair

5th December 2009

Display spot in Treasure Trap Mediaeval Banquet

20th December 2009

Pig Dyke Molly Day of Dance


7th January 2008

Dancing in Fenstanton

12th January 2008

Whittlesea Strawbear Festival

14th January 2008

Plough Monday – Dancing at local Schools

26th January 2008

Ouse Washes Day of Dance

1st March 2008

IVFDF 2008, Sheffield

21st March 2008

Parker’s Piece Skipping Celebration

12th April 2008

Thriplow Daffodil Festival

10th May 2008

St Neot’s Folk Festival

29th June 2008

Melbourn Village Fete

1st-8th August 2008

Sidmouth Folk Week

16th March 2008

Purim Party

2nd May 2008

Lakenheath Middle School

27th May 2008

Dance at the Cambridge Blue

17th June 2008

Green Dragon dance out

11th July 2008

William Westley School Fete

12th July 2008

Ely Folk Festival

25th-27th July 2008

Ouse Washes Weekend

6th September 2008

Maths Video Filming

16th September 2008

Innovation Trek dance out

19th-21st September 2008

Boggarts Breakfast Weekend of dance

4th October 2008

Dance at Rachel and David’s wedding ceilidh

11th October 2008

Burwash Manor Apple Day

18th October 2008

Seven Champions Workshop

14th December 2008

Pig Dyke Molly Day of Dance


8th January 2007

Plough Monday- dancing at Newnham Croft, Icknield and William Westley Primary Schools

8th January 2007

Evening- dancing in Fenstanton

13th January 2007

Whittlesea Strawbear Festival

20th January 2007

Ouse Washes Day of Dance

11th February 2007

Sarum Morris workshop, Salisbury

2nd-4th March 2007

IVFDF 2007, Edinburgh

24th March 2007

Thriplow Daffodil Festival

3rd April 2007

Ely Contra

29th April

Milton Morris Men, Pampisford

1st May 2007

May Day, dancing at dawn, Castle Mound, Cambridge

12th May 2007

St Neot’s Folk Festival

9th June 2007

Windsor Morris Day of Dance

20th June 2007

King’s Event, Cambridge

29th June-1st July 2007

Berkshire Bedlam 30th Anniversary Weekend

27th-29th July 2007

Warwick Folk Festival

2nd September 2007

Old Palace Clog Day of Dance, Kingston upon Thames

18th September 2007

Pub Dance Out

13th October 2007

Burwash Apple Day, Burwash Manor

4th November 2007

Gog Magog Molly Day of Dance, Cambridge, with Baldock Midnight MorrisMilton Morris Men and Heartsease

1st December 2007

Mill Road Winter Fayre, Cambridge


9th January 2006

Plough Monday- dancing at Newnham Croft and Whittlesford Primary Schools

9th January 2006

Evening- dancing in Fenstanton

14th January 2006

Whittlesea Strawbear Festival

21st January 2006

Mark Jones (Ouse Washes) Day of Dance

28th January 2006

Display at the Round ceilidh

24th-26th February 2006

IVFDF 2006, Cambridge

12th March 2006

John Kirkpatrick “Playing for Morris dance” workshop at the Tithe Barn, Sproughton near Ipswich

11th April 2006

Display spot at contra, Ely

22nd April 2006

Display at St George’s dance, C# House, London

25th April 2006

Pub evening at Live and Let Live, Cambridge

6th May 2006

St. Neots Folk Festival

27th-29th May 2006

Chippenham Folk Festival

30th May 2006

Pub evening at The Cambridge Blue

10th June 2006

Alpaca afternoon, Barton

17th June 2006

Newnham Croft School Fete

25th June 2006

Herts Folk Association Molly Workshop

6th July 2006

Pub evening with Devil’s Dyke – Tharp Arms, Chippenham, and George and Dragon, Snailwell

8th July 2006

Ely Folk Weekend

14th-16th July 2006

Gog Magog Molly Tenth Birthday Weekend of Dance

25th-28th August 2006

Towersey Village Festival

2nd-3rd September 2006

Wallingford Bunkfest

17th September 2006

EAP, St Edmund’s College, Cambridge

14th October 2006

Cycle tour

26th November 2006

Gog Magog Molly Day of Dance, Cambridge

2nd December 2006

Mill Road Winter Fair, Cambridge

2nd December 2006

Reindeer evening, Barton


8th January 2005
Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival
9th January 2005
Cambridge Unitarian Church
10th January 2005
Plough Monday- dancing around local schools
10th January 2005
Evening – dancing in Fenstanton
15th January 2005
Ouse Washes Day of Dance
29th January 2005
Display at the Big Round Ceilidh
8th February 2005
26th February 2005
IVFDF 2005, Norwich
19th March 2005
Thriplow Daffodil Festival
23rd April 2005
St George’s Day with Wype Doles in Whittlesey
26th April 2005
Dance Out at the Live and Let Live
1st May 2005
Sunrise Dance Out on Castle Mound
7th May 2005
St Neots Folk Festival
8th May 2005
Molly Day of Practice
26th May 2005
Dance Out at the Cambridge Blue with guests Ely and Littleport Riot
12th June 2005
Alpaca day, Barton
25th June 2005
Cycle Tour
4th July 2005
Dance Out at the Carlton Arms with guests Green Dragon
9th July 2005
Ely Folk Festival
30th-31st July 2005
Sidmouth Folk Week
2nd-4th September 2005
Wallingford Bunkfest
9th-10th October 2005
Pecsaetan weekend of dance
5th November 2005
Folk in the Fall
3rd December 2005
Mill Road Winter Fair
10th December 2005
Christmas Day of Dance with Black Annis, Ducklington Morris, Old Glory, Pig Dyke Molly and Novo Septum Vires.
31st December 2005
Unicorn Ceilidh Spot at Hitchin


10th January 2004

Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival

11th January 2004

Cambridge Unitarian Church

12th January 2004

Plough Monday – dancing in Cambridge and Fenstanton

17th January 2004

Ouse Washes Day of Dance, Ely and Little Downham

24th January 2004

Display at the Round Ceilidh

2nd February 2004

Display/workshop for Cam-Mind

21st February 2004

Cambridge RAG Carnival

28th February 2004

Inter-Varsity Folk Dance Festival, Exeter

2nd March 2004


27th March 2004

Thriplow Daffodil Weekend

23 April 2004

St. Georges Day – dancing in Whittlesey with Wype Doles

1st May 2004

May Day – dancing at dawn on Castle Hill

8th May 2004

St Neots Folk Festival

19th-20th June 2004

Gog Magog Jolly Weekend- Bournemouth

3rd July 2004

Godmanchester Gala Day

10th July 2004

Ely Folk Weekend

21st-23rd August 2004

Whitby Folk Festival

13th November 2004

Gog Magog Day of Dance

13th-14th November 2004

Gog Magog Jolly Weekend

1st December 2004

Display for the Cavendish Horticultural Society

11th December 2004

Santa Evening, Bird’s Farm, Barton

12th December 2004

Pig Dyke Day of Dance


11th January 2003

Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival

13th January 2003

Plough Monday

18th January 2003

Ouse Washes day of dance, Ely and Little Downham

22nd February

Cambridge University Rag Carnival, Cambridge

28th February-2nd March 2003

Inter-Varsity Folk Dance Festival, Sheffield

4th March 2003


5th April 2003

Thriplow Daffodil Weekend

23rd April 2003

St George’s Day – dancing in Whittlesey with Wype Doles

29th April 2003

The Carlton Arms, Cambridge

1st May 2003

May Day – dancing at dawn on Castle Hill

10th May 2003

St Neots Folk Festival

31st May 2003

Cherry Hinton Folk Day

2nd July 2003

Histon Feast

11th-13th July 2003

Ely Folk Weekend

1st-8th August 2003

Sidmouth International Festival

1st September 2003

The Three Horseshoes, Barrow, with Green Dragon Morris

13th September 2003

Wisbech Folk Fayre

21st September 2003

St Edmund’s College, Cambridge

19th October 2003

Cambridge Unitarian Church

25th October 2003

Autumn Fair, Burwash Manor Farm, Barton

2nd November 2003

Trafalgar Square

22nd November 2003

Open Morris AGM and Molly Workshop

29th November 2003

Gog Magog Molly Day of Dance

9th December 2003

Reindeer & Santa Evening, Bird’s Farm, Barton


5th January 2002

Ouse Washes Day of Dance, Ely and Little Downham

7th January 2002

Plough Monday – dancing in Northwold with Ouse Washes

12-13th January 2002

Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival

26th January 2002

Norwich 02 Festival

2nd February 2002

One World Week event, Kings Parade, Cambridge

12th February 2002


24th February 2002

Molly Dance workshop, Newnham College, Cambridge

1st-3rd March 2002

Inter-Varsity Folk Dance Festival, St Andrews

23rd March 2002

Thriplow Daffodil Festival

20th April 2002

Cyril Papworth Memorial Day of Dance

23rd April 2002

St George’s Day – dancing in Whittlesey with Wype Doles

1st May 2002

May Day – dancing at dawn on Castle Hill

4th May 2002

Spikey and Naomi’s wedding

11th May 2002

St. Neots Folk Festival

11th May 2002

Stapleford Twinning Weekend Ceilidh

25th May 2002

Cherry Hinton Folk Day

1st June 2002

Whittlesford Golden Jubilee Fair

8th June 2002

Ramsey Arts Festival/Carnival

18th June 2002

The Old Crown, Girton, with Morris in the Maze

22nd June 2002

Centre at St Pauls Community Tea

3rd July 2002

Histon Feast

13th July 2002

Ely Folk Weekend

20th July 2002

Gressenhall Folk Dance Festival

5th August 2002

The Esplanade, Sidmouth, Devon

18th August 2002

The Three Horseshoes, Barrow, Suffolk, with Green Dragon Morris

7th September 2002

Rachel and Douglas’s wedding

14-15th September 2002

Oyster Morris Squire’s tour, Canterbury

20th Septmber 2002

Unicorn Ceilidh, Hitchin Town Hall

22nd September 2002

St Edmund’s College Summer Student Barbeque, Cambridge.

12th October 2002

The Round Ceilidh, Parkside Community College, Cambridge

9th November 2002

Cambridge International Club 70th Anniversary Ceilidh

30th November

Gog Magog Molly Day of Dance, Cambridge

15th December

Pig Dyke Molly Day of Dance, Peterborough


 8th January 2001

Plough Monday – dancing in Northwold with Ouse Washes

13th January 2001

Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival

27th January 2001

One World Week publicity event, Kings Parade, Cambridge

24th February 2001

Cambridge RAG Day

2nd-4th March 2001

Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival, Cambridge

7th April 2001

Cyril Papworth’s 85th Birthday Party

23rd April 2001

St. George’s Day – dancing in Whittlesey with Wype Doles

28th April 2001

Gog Magog Molly 5th Birthday day of dance, Cambridge

1st May 2001

May Day – dancing at dawn on Castle Hill

12th May 2001

St Neots Folk Festival

2nd June 2001

Strawberry Fair, Cambridge

4th June 2001

Dancing in Barrow, Suffolk, with Green Dragon Morris

9th June 2001

Garden Party, The Centre at St Paul’s, Cambridge

21st June 2001

Dancing at The George, Girton with Morris in the Maze

22nd-24th June 2001

Golden Star Morris weekend of dance, Norwich

17th July 2001

Dancing at the Cambridge Blue, Cambridge

31st July 2001

Dancing at the Fort St. George, Cambridge

18th-19th August 2001

Towersey practice weekend, Granchester

24th-27th August 2001

Towersey Village Festival

6th October 2001

Display at the Round Ceilidh

27th October 2001

Display at Graham’s Ceilidh

24th November 2001

Gog Magog/Open Morris day of dance, Cambridge

25th November 2001

Herts Folk Association Molly Dance Workshop, Potters Bar

12th December 2001

Dancing at the Grafton Centre, Cambridge

16th December 2001

Pig Dyke Molly day of dance, Peterborough


 10th January 2000

Dancing in Cambridge for Plough Monday

15th January 2000

Dancing in Ely & Little Downham with Ouse Washes

20th February 2000

Dancing at the Fort St George, Cambridge, 12-1pm

25th-27th February 2000

Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival in Glasgow

4th March 2000

Display at the Round ceilidh

25th-26th March 2000

Dancing in Bolton, Lancs, at the invitation of Seven Stars

18th April 2000

Dancing in Clare, Suffolk, as part of the Nine Daies Morris

1st May 2000

Dancing at dawn for May Day

13th May 2000

Whittlesey Carnival, at the invitation of Wype Doles

19th May 2000

Display at the ASNaC Society ceilidh

3rd June 2000

Magog Trust Millenium Fayre

24th June 2000

Teversham Village Feast

25th June 2000

Cambridge Friends of MDA Garden Party

27th June 2000

Dancing at the Fort St George, 8pm

8th July 2000

Ely Folk Festival

11th July 2000

Dancing at the Cambridge Blue, 8pm

16th July 2000

Barrington Millenium Fair, at the invitation of Cambridge Morris Men

29th July 2000

Gressenhall Folk Dance Festival

8th-10th September 2000

Yorkshire Chandelier weekend of dance, Sheffield

30th September 2000

Display at Reeling in Ealing ceilidh

14th October 2000

Display at the Round ceilidh

31st October 2000

Hallowe’en – Dancing in Whittlesey with Wype Doles

3rd December 2000

Day of dance in Cambridge with Pig Dyke and Ouse Washes

7th December 2000

Dancing in Waterstones Bookshop with Cambridge Morris Men

17th December 2000

Pig Dyke Molly day of dance, Peterborough